Movement & the Art of Transformation —

An Autumn Petit Retreat!

Embrace the beauty of autumn as we embark on a transformative journey combining the power of Pilates and Yoga with art. In a playful way, without expectations or previous experience, let's discover together how the season of autumn can be a catalyst for outer and inner transformation.

Tom will help you unleash your creativity, Mareile's Pilates classes will invigorate your body. Dom and Tom will guide you into deeper explorations through Yoga and Breathwork...all you have to do is show up.

We can't wait to meet you,
Mareile, Dom & Tom

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Oct 09 - 13

What's so special about the place?

“Sitting alone in the pagoda, I observed the sun settting to my right and the moon rising to my left. They both did their jobs quietly. Their importance immeasurable. Even the birds went still.”

Mareile Paley


"Imagine looking into a never ending horizon of cork and oak trees, grass and grass flowers, or laying on your back in the grass looking up into puffy clouds gliding through the skies... I look forward to witness that smile on your face as you feel spring bursting around you and through your being."

Mary Ann Voli

Venue Host, Breathwork facilitator

The retreat felt completely hierarchy-free and was incredible on so many levels!

~ Lisa Cattermole Watkins, UK

All you need to know about our Portugal Autumn retreat

This Petit retreat is limited to 14 participants for a highly personalized and meaningful experience. Reserve Your spot

When & Where?

JOIN US from October 9th - 13th AT Quinta Marugo in the heartland of the Alentejo region of central Portugal.

When we first came to visit Quinta Marugo in the search for the perfect Portuguese spring location, we instantly knew that we had found the right place. When we later sat in the Yoga Pagoda, doors wide open, smelling the breeze, watching the moon rise, we never wanted to leave again.

We can't wait to introduce you to Mary Ann and Ugo, who built their dream with Quinta Marugo: an eco-sustainable retreat and wellbeing center in Portugal with the vision of bringing a bit more peace, calm and connection to the world.

The tastefully designed Quinta with its pagoda, living spaces, library, massage room, swimming pond, sunset point, lakes, island and other landmarks all combine to provide the best experience for you to retreat, reconnect and regenerate.

Tucked into the heart of Portugal's Alentejo region, Quinta Marugo is 'off the beaten track' and perfect for a gentle awakening of our senses surrounded by endless horizons of oak trees and herbal meadows.

What’s Included?

Leave your stresses and worries at home and Let us indulge you:


  • 4 nights accommodation in shared or single elegant bedrooms
  • daily healthy breakfast, light lunch and dinner
  • one-on-one assessment / private Pilates or Yoga session with Mareile or Dom
  • daily movement classes including Pilates, Vinyasa and Restorative Yoga
  • creative workshops and artistic explorations guided by Tom Maryniak
  • 2.5 hr breathwork session with Tom
  • unlimited herbal teas picked straight from the garden
  • unexpected friendships, cosy nights around the bonfire
  • round trip transfers between Beja & retreat venue. (Transfers from Lisbon can be arranged at extra charge)


  • additional private sessions with your teachers
  • visit to the village of Serpa
  • massage


  • international flights & travel up to Beja/Serpa
  • travel insurance
  • alcoholic beverages

How to get there?

Find out below how to best reach our retreat venue

Quinta Marugo is located just outside of the small village of Serpa. Unless you arrive with your own car, we will pick yo up and drop you in Beja (30 min drive), from where there are reliable connections to Lisbon by bus and train. On arrival day, you can check in from 3pm and we will officially commence our retreat around 5.30pm. On departure day, official retreat closing is after breakfast, check-out by 11am.

Transportation to and from the venue will be provided to/from the town of Beja or Serpa on arrival and departure days.

By far the easiest is to arrive by car. Driving is safe in Portugal with good highways for most of the way from Lisbon (2 hrs) or Faro (2 hrs). Rental cars are generally cheap. We can help with car pooling options.

You can reach Beja from Lisbon Oriente by train - check the CP website for details. It's not the quickest way, but Portuguese trains are generally reliable and comfortable.

There is a direct bus from Lisbon all the way to Serpa with Rede Expresso, which takes about 4,5 hrs.

Accommodation & Price

Share a room with a friend or opt for a single room

Quinta Marugo feels like home, the moment you step in. Mary Ann and Ugo, the owners, will kindly invite you to leave your shoes and your worries at the door and to indulge in a few days of barefoot luxury. One can feel the attention to detail and deep connection to the venue's origins that went into the creation of this 35ha healing space. Quinta Marugo gives you all the reasons to 'just be'.

The only sound we heard at night was the chirping of the crickets and a gentle breeze rustling through the leaves of the trees.

Infused with a sense of fine luxury and a strong mission for regenerative and mindful living Quinta Marugo is a perfect fit for those who want to connect with nature in the most comfortable possible way.
We will snuggle up into soft pillows and lounge on inviting sofas. We will get lost in the Quinta's expansive library of stimulating reads and eat and laugh together around the large communal tables crafted from fallen olive trees. The outdoor pool is 100% natural, and while it might be a bit late for some of you to jump in in October, if you do... you will find yourself gliding through the most delicious fresh water.

Shared Room

Of our 10 tastefully furnished rooms, 6 are available for sharing. Bring a friend or family member or we will match you with a room mate (subject to availability).

EUR 1,200*

Single Room

There is a limited availability of rooms available for single occupancy. Booking early will ensure you get the room type you prefer.

EUR 1,550*
only 4 available

* all prices are per person, and quoted in EUR. We will try our best to help you avoid bank and transfer charges, but if they do occur, all bank/PayPal charges must be carried by the participant.

Your Teachers & Host

YOU COULD NOT BE IN BETTER HANDS! This retreat is hosted by our Founder Mareile Paley and the Ever Joyful DOM Vieira

Mareile Paley


If a retreat is a beautiful piece of art, Mareile is the glue that holds all the pieces together. Having started in 2010 leading her own Pilates retreats, she soon found her true calling and strength in connecting people, in crafting and curating truly exceptional retreat experiences and in finding the best teachers. The personal attention you will receive before, during and after the retreat can all be attributed to Mareile’s deep desire to make people happy and to make you feel valued and special.
This retreat will take place on Mareile's 'home turf' - Portugal. Passionate as she is, she will share with you all her local insight and best-kept secrets. Mareile will also teach your daily dose of Pilates, so you are in for a treat from our founder herself.

Dominique (Dom) Vieira


Dom teaches Vinyasa & Restorative Yoga, as well as a meditation and breathwork. She firmly believes that yoga is for everybody and every body and carries that ethos throughout her teachings. Her classes focus on intelligent sequencing and making the practice as accessible as possible. She places a lot of value on the connection to breath and cultivating that beautiful feeling of presence and connection through breath, movement and stillness. For her, the yoga practice is really a practice of coming back home to oneself with loving-kindness. She can’t wait to guide you through your own practice.

Tom Maryniak


With a background in Fine Art Printmaking, Tom Maryniak co-founded Lisboa Social Press in 2018 with the vision of making creativity accessible to everybody. Since then, alongside hosting exhibitions, retreats, artist residencies and events, he has developed a wide range of workshops that seek to unite creative pursuits with wellbeing practices. From a Meditative Walk, Draw & Forage, to Stretch & Sketch, Tom continues to ensure that each of his offerings are carefully curated so that participants feel nurtured and gently guided to a place of full creative expression. We are super excited to see what he has in store for us on this retreat.


There are many reasons why we love Portugal so much. Let us share our passion for This Venue's secrets! we have sprinkled them throughout this retreat.

The Quinta

Privately owned with a huge heart dedicated to our planet, we love not only what we see, but also what's deep embedded into Quinta Marugo's soul - a place to heal and to connect to nature. From their Zero Waste policy to their well tended food forest... we promise you will leave inspired!

Private Classes

As part of our signature program you will enjoy your private one-on-one Pilates or Yoga session with either Mareile or Dom. This extra time spent with you helps us to get to know you and to serve you better during the group sessions. It’s also a wonderful learning opportunity. Bring your practice to the next level! Guided Breathwork classes are offered as well.

The Pagoda

Our Movement Space - The Pagoda - deserves a special mention. With sweeping views across the horizon, this beautifully crafted octagonal space will give us room to move and reflect. Can you see yourself rolling out your mat?

Art Explorations

Have you ever written a black-out poem? Made paint from what nature has to offer? As this retreat stands for the Art of Transformation, we have invited Lisbon-based artist Tom Maryniak to expand the creative horizon within you. We are as new to this as you are and can't wait to find out what unfolds. And we believe Tom when he says: "Everyone is an artist. Art is everywhere."

New Connections

Each retreat becomes its own ecosystem of connected people. This holds true no matter how big or small the group. Thus, each retreat leaves behind an indelible mark, a ripple effect that spreads far beyond the time spent together. Whether you join us alone or with a friend, our retreats are open and welcoming to all who share this planet.

Time to Pause

Take your journal, find a tree. Read a book in the middle of the day. Lie by the pool on a sun chair for hours... Yes, your retreat will allow for that as well. Whether you enjoy long walks or long talks, always remember that we curate these retreats for you. It is your choice how to best honour yourself and take what you need.

Frequently Asked Questions


Do you offer this retreat at other times of the year?

No. We offer each of our retreats (except for the Teacher Trainings) just once a year around the same time. However our Spring and Autumn Petit Retreats are in the same location and share some of the same programme.

Do you organize bespoke retreats?

Yes. If you are a group of friends looking for a personalized and intimate retreat experience, the Life in Movement team is happy to work with you on a bespoke retreat package

I am a complete beginner. Can I still attend ?

Yes. Even if you are new to Pilates or Yoga, we welcome and encourage you to join. A retreat week always starts with the basics no matter how experienced the other participants might be. Both Mareile and Dominique are experienced teachers and will attend to all levels. Depending on the overall level of the group we will slowly (or quickly) build up the classes day by day. You can decide to book additional private sessions if you feel you want to work on something specific. If there is a very big difference between levels, we might offer some additional classes to the more advanced participants, but the group sessions will always be tailored to accommodate beginners.

Can I come with a non-participating spouse or friend?

Yes. As this retreat offers so much more than Pilates & and Yoga, we are quite certain that there will be some experiences that your 'other half' will enjoy, if not just the delicious meals and a book by the pool. For 2 people booking together and sharing a room, we offer a 5% discount.

It’s my first time traveling alone. Will I feel safe?

We have lots of guests traveling alone and for many it’s been the first time or the first time on retreat. Portugal is a very safe country with helpful, friendly people, many of whom speak good English. A retreat is actually a perfect setting for a first solo trip. All is organized and taken care of, but if you want to step out of your comfort zone, make friends, try something new, here is your opportunity. You will be surprised how quickly it all falls into place.

I am a Pilates teacher. What can I expect?

We love it when teachers join our retreat! This usually means that you are excited to continue your learning journey. Be aware that our retreats are open to all levels and that this retreat is not primarily focused on an advanced level participant. That said — as this is our most focused Pilates retreat and with highly sought after teachers, we are expecting a higher than usual level of experienced Pilates participants. If that's not enough and when we see that you can be pushed… we will do so! You can always book additional private sessions if you want to go deeper.

Do you offer any Reformer Pilates classes on this retreat?

I get asked this a lot and unfortunately, I have yet to find the perfect Pilates retreat location that offers the possibility to add in equipment sessions. In fact, I am building this space right now in Portugal, so I invite you to support CALM Portugal, so that in a few years the answer can be ”Yes, of course!”

I have a special condition / injury. Can I still attend?

If you have doubts about your physical abilities in regards to the retreat and due to a chronic or acute condition, we encourage you to contact us prior to booking. That way we can advise you and make sure that you will benefit from the retreat. All participants will need to complete a health form prior to the retreat start.

I want to come, but need to leave early/arrive late...

For maximum benefit we encourage each guest to arrive and leave on the official retreat arrival & departure days. If you can’t make it, we will try our best to find a custom solution for you, which will, however, not affect the retreat price.

I have a food allergy and need a special diet

As you can imagine, we are very used to dealing with all kinds of food allergies, preferences and unusual diets. As long as you tell us ahead of time (there is a line about it in our mandatory health form) we can inform the venue and let you know how much we can accommodate you. For the most part it’s easy (ie vegan, gluten free, dairy free) and if it’s potentially tricky, we will advise you to bring your own snacks, supplements and supplies.

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