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Are you looking for a Pilates Retreat? We are so glad you've found us. We’ve been running Pilates & Yoga retreats since 2010. Our locations are the top choices from dozens we have worked with over the years and our world class teachers are excited to share their love for Pilates with you.

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Our retreats are an open invitation to connect to your soul. Movement, be it Pilates or Yoga, are the vehicles we offer you to accept that invitation and take a step.

If you decide not to enter that door... you will still have Pilates and Yoga and a thoughtfully curated retreat.

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Feb 21-27.2021


NOURISH YOUR BODY AND SOUL IN GREECE — with Anja Kursawe & Miriam Friedrich-Honorio

What our guests have to say...


Mareile does a wonderful job of working to make sure that all retreat participants have a meaningful experience… whether you are just a beginner or you have been practicing for years.
The instructors were incredibly hands-on, and the location exquisite. I can’t wait for the chance to sign up for another retreat!

~ Elise houlik, USA

This retreat was truly “Art of Life and Movement” in every sense of the word and it was an exceptional and affirming experience. For myself, regardless of any insecurities that I may have had, I felt myself be comfortable in my uncomfortableness, and being able to let it go…
I believe everyone found a little piece of themselves that they didn’t know they were searching for and I am returning home with a renewed sense of motivation to take on life’s challenges with grace and a smile.

~ Cagri Salon, Turkey

I learned so much and never felt that balanced and relaxed before!

~ Daniela Arede, Luxembourg

Thank you
for broadening my
horizons with every retreat!

~ Theresa Lombard, SA

Thank you for setting up the private one-on-one Pilates sessions in the beautifully exotic and breeze-cooled sala.
You each taught me some great exercises for focusing on repairing some of my injuries and you taught me to listen to my body more. The stunning surroundings amongst the swaying palm trees, the pampass grass and the coy carp will be a lasting memory of the retreat.

~ Lisa Watkins, UK

As a top notch Pilates expert, Mareile brings a holistic approach to the human body. Her insights on kinesiology and wellness are profound. She is focused on offering sessions where guests can experience a positive relationship with their bodies and their lives. This is the kind of reflective and, ultimately,transformative experiences we look to offer every spa guest.

~ Gregory Ugrin, USA

I feel so energized that my friends say I am ‘glowing’!



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